Our culture

Our company culture is based on respect, taking ownership, having an open mindset and to strive for excellence. These values are represented in all our daily operations.

Our company DNA is defined not only by our company vision, but even more so by our employees. Our people define who we are as a company and what we stand for.

A job at Agidens is a job with variation and constant new challenges. Technology is in permanent evolution and that makes every project different and exciting. To enable our organisation to further develop, we therefore need staff from a wide variety of backgrounds who are prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams. This diversity helps us to create and implement unique solutions.

You will be welcomed in:

  • an international company that is constantly in motion
  • a customer-centric organization, with an open culture and short communication lines.
  • an business context where innovation, creativity and intrapreneurship are stimulated.
  • a powerful learning environment with the possibility to develop a career in all confidence
  • a flexible work atmosphere that is based on trust, self-governance and teamwork

In short; we want you to become the best that you can be. We develop innovative and high-tech solutions but it’s our people that really make the difference!

Progress brings us together

Our baseline ‘Progress brings us together’ perfectly summarizes the why of Agidens: to strive for improvement and to establish good team spirit are crucial in our company. Moreover, that drive is the connection between all stakeholders of our company: together with colleagues, partner companies and customers we are constantly searching for better solutions for industries and infrastructure. That is the progress we bring together.”

Progress for colleagues: improving ourselves is crucial at Agidens. Learning new things and innovating in a solid and stable team makes happy employees.

Progress for customers: together with Agidens, our customers are looking for better and more modern solutions that make their installations and processes more efficient, safe, reliable,…

Progress for partners: we build sustainable relations with partner companies that constantly find new ideas and solutions to do better.

Progress for society: less contamination, more efficient infrastructure, safer industries and products... That is what we call: progress. We do our share.

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We believe in progress. We believe that progress brings us together.

We bring advancement by creating (technological) solutions that increase efficiency, quality, safety and reliability. Therefore we offer advice & engineering, automated solutions and maintenance & service support. Want to make progress in your career? Let’s get together.

Agidens 20/20 vision

Vision 20/20

The Agidens vision determines where we want to be and how we want to get there. It is based on four key strategic directions.

Product innovation

Sustainable relations

Geographical expansion

Market diversification


Our attitude and values, organization, processes and resources are all geared towards achieving the highest added value for all our stakeholders, an aim which is deeply embedded in our company philosophy. Our corporate values will lead the way towards achieving our vision.

  • Strive for excellence - If we chase perfection, we can catch the excellence
    We distinguish ourselves on the world stage because we deliver top quality. We are a team that always strives for the best possible results.
  • Be open minded - Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open
    We are open to new and different ideas as well as to other people's opinions.
  • Take ownership - If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door
    We commit ourselves to conduct business efficiently and to fulfill our promises.
  • Show respect - When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
    We treat people fairly, just, empathically and with dignity.

Spontaneous application

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CONSULTING & SERVICES – Expert Process Engineer Utilities & Facilities
Life Sciences
Maintenance & Reliability
Process engineering

Ben je op zoek naar een uitdaging als Process (Project) Engineer in de Life Sciences sector? Heb je relevante ervaring met Facilities & Utilities in een gelijkaardige omgeving? Dan ben jij misschien wel de geschikte persoon om ons on-site team…

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FOOD & FINE CHEMICALS – Senior E&I Engineer
Food & Beverage
E&I engineering

Kan jij door je vakkennis E&I oplossingen en efficiëntie brengen in productieprocessen? Zoek je de afwisseling en dynamiek van een projectorganisatie en wil je jezelf verder ontwikkelen in je vakgebied? Ligt je passie binnen de voedingsindustrie? Jouw functie? Als Senior…

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HR Officer Payroll
Corporate Services

Heb jij sterke interesse in sociale wetgeving? Wil jij je kennis verdiepen inzake loonbeleid en andere payroll-uitdagingen? En ben je beschikbaar vanaf november dit jaar? Samen met onze Payroll Coördinator en Compensation & Benefits specialist draag je bij aan een…

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INFRA AUTOMATION – Calculator Commerciële Binnendienst
Technical sales

Word jij graag betrokken vanaf sales fase? Kan jij je budgetten met de nodige offertes en techniciteit onderbouwen? Zodat het uitvoeringsteam hierop kan verder bouwen! Jouw functie? Als calculator sta je in voor de berekeningen van de benodigde materialen en…

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INFRA AUTOMATION – Junior Hardware Engineer
E&I engineering
Electrical engineering

Wil jij een actieve rol spelen in de boeiende wereld van geautomatiseerde infrastructuurwerken? Zowel op technisch als op conceptueel vlak? Het leven als Hardware Engineer zit vol afwisseling en verrassingen! Bruggen, sluizen, tunnels, parkings, pompstations, etc. zijn vaak 24u per dag…

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INFRA AUTOMATION – Lead Electrical Engineer
E&I engineering
Electrical engineering
Service engineering

Wil jij graag deel uitmaken van grote automatiseringsprojecten? Ben jij mateloos gefascineert door de werking van bruggen, tunnels en sluizen? Heb jij een gezonde dosis kennis van electriciteit, hydraulica en mechanica? Wij zijn op zoek naar een Lead Electrical Engineer!…

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