At the basis, Agidens is a project solutions-driven company. We help our customers by improving processes by means of specialty advice, engineering, automation solutions and maintenance services that increase the efficiency, quality, safety and reliability.

Over the past 70 years we have developed an expertise and thorough know-how of processes in our focus markets of life sciences, oil and gas, fine chemicals, food and beverage and infrastructure.

Agidens works for prestigious companies which allow our co-workers to work on prestigious projects.

Our projects are our pride and glory and form the live representation of our baseline ‘Progress brings us together’. Discover some of our project cases and see what your challenges at Agidens could look like.


GADOT Group (formely VLS-Group) wanted to increase the safety procedures at its terminal in Ghent and shorten the intervention time of cricital alarms. Agidens implemented ATALK, a unique and patented (pending) safety technology that enables critical alarm messages to be sent immediately to the responsible operators on site via their walkie talkie.

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De Graafstroom

At De Graafstroom, there already was a CIP installation that was outdated and caused problems. Looking for a partner with the right engineering resources and a thorough knowledge of their business, De Graafstroom contacted Agidens to designe, construct and install the new CIP installation.

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Jetty B

Agidens & Verwater partnered up for the engineering and construction of an extension to a jetty for a global tank storage terminal with several sites in Belgium. The jetty was build off site and transported as a complete unit to its final location.

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For its newly built truck loading facility in Harburg-Hamburg, Nynas needed a flexible Terminal Management System to manage and optimize its terminal operations. Agidens delivered ALINE, a solution to achieve shorter loading times and guarantee a high throughput of trucks.

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Spa Monopole – Quality improvement brings capacity increase

Spa Monopole produces a wide range of beverages that have one clear common characteristic: high quality. Therefore, the company safeguards the optimal functioning of its production process. Agidens helped Spa Monopole to improve the carbonation process while at the same time increasing capacity of the production line.

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Agidens carried out the St Anna’s tunnel project as an EPCM contractor and was therefore responsible for the engineering, preparation with an extra focus on safety and the implementation of the escalators’ new frequency drive. The implementation included securing the parts to be replaced, disconnecting the old drive, placing the new drive, commissioning and delivery.

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In order to meet customer volume, safety and product quality requirements, Q8 Oils decided to expand and modernise its complete Antwerp blending plant. Agidens supported in the engineering and construction of the new up-to-date tank farm.

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W&Z moved their remote control center from Willebroek to Zemst. This offered the opportunity for Agidens to upgrade the SCADA visualization and to integrate the control system with the existing camera and safety installation.

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Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg

Agidens has helped WBL (Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg) with a Life Cycle Cost calculation.

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Alken Maes – Automation of new yeast facility and revamp of CIP installation

To ensure a flexible production of high and low fermentation beers, the management decided to invest in a new automated yeast storage facility. At the same time, to further boost production efficiency it was decided to revamp the fermentation and lagering CIP installation and extend it with a new lye tank.

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