We can claim all we want, we rather let our colleagues do the talking. Discover how they experience working at Agidens, and who knows, you might meet each other soon!

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Keith Raekelboom – E&I Engineer – Oil & Gas

"Because Agidens provides solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for their customers, my knowledge concerning this matter has expanded incrementally within the last year."
Keith Raekelboom
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Philip Ooms – Senior E&I engineer – Food & Beverage

"An advantage of Agidens is that we always work with the newest technologies."
Philip Ooms
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Madaline Meert – Junior Validation and Compliance Engineer – Life Sciences

"I immediately felt right at Home at Agidens. I have nice colleagues and there is a good team atmosphere."
Madaline Meert
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Annick Verschooren – Team Leader – Life Sciences

“I have a lot of young engineers in my team and this female side helps to guide them and take them under my wings.”
Annick Verschooren
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Stefan Muller – MES ingenieur – Oil & Gas

“The amount of knowledge gathered at agidens is amazing. It motivates me every day.”
Stefan Muller
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Pieter Brion – Highly Qualified Engineer – Life Sciences

“Dedication and ownership are truly appreciated and rewarded.”
Pieter Brion
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Toon Titulaer – Software Engineer – Food & Beverage

“All my colleagues are always willing to help”
Toon Titulaer
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Peter Bresseleers – Senior Process/Mechanical Engineer – Oil & Gas

"A major plus is that my work is very diverse. Not one day is the same."
Peter Bresseleers
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Peter Bresseleers Agidens

Yassin El Yousfi – Software Engineer – Life Sciences

“The given responsibility and trust is what I needed and something I definitely received.”
Yassin El Yousfi
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Lars Mattheyses – Process Engineer – Life Sciences

“Teamwork is the key to success.”
Lars Mattheyses
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