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Since its founding in 1987, the chocolate-producing company with its headquarters in Tienen and 170 employees has become an established value. Kim’s Chocolates produces more than 10,000 tons of chocolate every year and has North America, the Benelux and Asia as main export regions. In addition to investments in logistics and production, their focus in recent years has been strongly on digitization.

  • Belgium
  • Food & Beverage

Kim’s Chocolates, a world-renowned producer of Belgian chocolate, has been strongly committed to digitizing their logistics, ERP, business intelligence and printing automation in recent years. But the last piece of the puzzle, the nerve center of their operations, was still missing. By choosing an integrated MOMS solution by Agidens, all different building blocks now come together.

Agidens deliverables

Under the guidance of the Agidens business analysts, a thorough analysis of the existing processes was carried out and a plan was drawn up together with the operational managers to digitize the production process.
All aspects of the production process were examined:

» Advanced scheduling
» Automated quality checks
» Digital work instructions
» Optimization of logistic flows
» Registration of process parameters

In order to meet all these wishes, Agidens decided to implement the MOMS solution MOMENTUM® at Kim’s Chocolates.


» Planning optimization
» Digitized quality checks
» Kitchen module
» Recipe management
» Production control
» Digital knowledge & insight

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