For its newly built truck loading facility in Harburg-Hamburg, Nynas needed a flexible Terminal Management System to manage and optimize its terminal operations. Agidens delivered ALINE, a solution to achieve shorter loading times and guarantee a high throughput of trucks.

  • Germany
  • Bulk Liquid Storage

In order to fully automate and manage the loading of both single grades and inline blended products based on customer orders, Nynas needed an easy-to-use Terminal Management System, integrated with existing and new systems.

Scope of this project

  • Communication with ERP system

The Terminal Management System ALINE receives production orders from the ERP system and sends all operational information back to ERP after execution.

  • Integration with Distributed Control System (DCS)

Depending on the order, ALINE sends the necessary loading information for execution. After the loading is finished, the DCS reports the actual quantities back to ALINE.

  • Link with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The LIMS sends all relevant quality information to ALINE, which uses this data to calculate the blend ratio based on the target quality of the product.

  • Link with Access Control System (ACS)

ALINE integrates with ACS through card readers to manage terminal access and unattended loading based upon the required skill set.

  • Link with Weighbridge System (WBS)

Registered weighings are automatically generated as a result of the link between ALINE and WBS to determine the actual order quantity for invoicing.

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