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Let me start by saying that my story at Agidens is somewhat atypical.

I started in august 2020 as a project engineer E&I for the Oil & Gas division at our customer Otsa. I was introduced by a friend of mine who already worked here. And even though it was a good experience, I felt I wanted different things in life, not a different job but a different setting. I wanted to leave Belgium to travel. Since remote work at the time was obligatory due to the covid-19 pandemic, I started thinking about the option to continue doing my job from abroad, part-time. After discussing several possibilities with my colleagues and management, they gave me green light to continue my work from abroad. So, when writing this testimonial, I am under the Mexican sun, as sort of a virtual engineering assistant whilst still doing more or less the same job as when I was in Belgium.

  • Belgium
  • Bulk Liquid Storage
  • E&I engineering
"Because Agidens provides solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for their customers, my knowledge concerning this matter has expanded incrementally within the last year."
Keith Raekelboom

I feel privileged being able to make this combination. It would have been a pity to say goodbye to Agidens since there has been a good connection from the start. By allowing me to do this, I can still do the job I like and travel at the same time. Furthermore, it keeps me focused, there is a time difference so I need good time management to organize my day-to-day job and meetings with colleagues. However, this time difference also has its advantages: when it is 6 pm in Belgium, it is 12 noon here in Mexico. This allows me to handle certain urgent matters when my colleagues have finished working. They can therefore call on someone who can continue working on a project until 12 o’clock at night (Belgian time).

Other than that there is no difference compared to working from Belgium. The Covid situation has in a way helped to realize that this was a feasibility. I also notice this tendency while being here, I already met a lot of expats where Covid is at the basis of working abroad.

I plan to stay in Mexico for 6 months and then return to Belgium.

Day-to-day task

  • Basic and detailed engineering of various electrical projects at Oiltanking Antwerp.
  • Whilst working from Mexico, I mainly follow up on the projects on which I’ve been working in the past as well as engineering new projects.
  • Designing or modifying distribution boards
  • Adapting electrical drawings
  • Conceptual design of projects
  • Communication with our customers etc.

A few quick questions

What did you study?

  • Master in Electromechanical Engineering Technology: Electromechanics from The University of Antwerp and The Universidad Politècnica de Valencia (Erasmus)
  • Bachelor in Industrial Sciences: Electromechanics from The University of Antwerp

Why do you like working at Agidens?

One of the main reasons I like working for the company are the great colleagues, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

I also definitely enjoy and appreciate the freedom that Agidens allows their employees to have. Being able to work remotely from Mexico is a good example of the trust the company puts in its employees. As an additional advantage, since I am not bound by one particular workplace anymore, I am able to explore this beautiful country on my days off.

Which arguments can convince future colleagues to choose for Agidens?

Agidens is a dynamic company with a broad vision for the future. I believe Agidens can provide the right opportunities for those who are looking for a new challenge.

What do you like about your current job?

My job is challenging in a way that it stimulates both my professional and personal growth. And because Agidens provides solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for their customers, my knowledge concerning this matter has expanded incrementally within the last year.

Do you want to grow with us?

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