Tom Warrant – Software Engineer – Infra Automation

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I have been working for Agidens as a software engineer since 2015. From day 1, it felt like home.

  • Belgium
  • Infra Automation
  • Software engineering
“Agidens is a modern, innovative and progressive company”
Tom Warrant

The atmosphere at Agidens is really tight and amicable, and all my colleagues are very helpful. Despite the amicable atmosphere, projects are being executed very professionally. Every day there is a new challenge which allows me to learn new things.
Agidens is a modern, innovative and progressive company. They offer us, the employees, enough flexibility and freedom. They really care about us and treat us with respect.

Day-to-day tasks 

  • PLC / SCADA programming.
  • Servicing customers
  • Problem solving
  • Planning and preparation
  • Staying informed

A few quick questions

What did you study? 

  • Bachelor Electro mechanics and Automation

Why do you like working at Agidens?

  • Tight, amicable and respectful atmosphere

Which arguments can convince future colleagues to choose for Agidens?

  • Professional company with a positive and collegial atmosphere

What do you like about your current job?

  • Agidens cares about its employees and treats us with respect

Do you want to grow with us?

Are you an engineer or are you ingenious? Then you have all the opportunities of developing your talents within Agidens. We are an innovative company that is constantly looking for motivated people with a heart for technical challenges. We offer you a dynamic work environment and chances to grow. Want to make progress?

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