Agidens Academy

Agidens is a knowledge-driven organization where technology is constantly evolving. In order to stay at the top of the class in a quickly changing work environment, all employees can take part in lifelong learning in our Agidens Academy. Together with various specialised centres for training and coaching, we constantly nurture your talents.

Onboarding session

Starting a new job with new colleagues in a new business can be overwhelming. To officially welcome you to the team, we organise onboarding sessions in our corporate headquarters in Zwijndrecht (BE) for every new employee. During this day you will be introduced to the Agidens business culture,  processes, IT tools and practical agreements. For particular business units, a dedicated training week is scheduled where you will learn more about the particular topics of your day-to-day tasks. You may also be assigned a mentor or senior colleague to guide you through your first weeks and months. Are you ready to take a kick-start in your career?

Training courses

Depending on your function and in consultation with your coach, you can receive an individual training plan with group or individual training courses to strengthen your:

  • Technical skills
  • Social & personal development skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Safety skills
  • IT & internal tools skills

Career tracks

Employees in different phases in their career have different training needs. Therefore we offer different career tracks that will help you take the next step.

  • Juniortraject

All new colleagues who have less than 2 years of business experience receive a junior track training programme with topics such as time management, how to prioritize, tips & tricks etc

  • Young leadership track

Are you new in a management position? Then Agidens supports you to become not only a good manager but also a motivational coach and inspirational leader. This way you can drive a positive energy through your team and keep it on the move. Furthermore you have the possibility to follow dedicated trainings on personal development, insights on impact, presentation coaching etc.


Personal Development Plan

Every colleague is an individual with personal skills, strengths and opportunities to improve. A personal development plan guides you to where you want to be and indicates the steps you want to take to further develop your skills. That’s what we call progress.

Do you want to grow with us?

Are you an engineer or are you ingenious? Then you have all the opportunities of developing your talents within Agidens. We are an innovative company that is constantly looking for motivated people with a heart for technical challenges. We offer you a dynamic work environment and chances to grow. Want to make progress?

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